Savi Camps in Jaisalmer sam

Savi Camps in Jaisalmer sam

Savi Camps in Jaisalmer sam

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Savi Hotels and Resorts made an official statement of opening the Savi Camps in Jaisalmer sand dunes by 09th of September 2015 coming season. The Director, Mr Vijay also announced the launch of new main website for Savi Hotels and Resorts, viz. . This website will host online details of Savi Camps in Jaisalmer sand dunes and added that soon booking could be done online too. Though the company has tied up with various OTA for max market reach. This website will cover all the hotels that Savi Hotels and Resorts will run.


The Company said that this opening of Savi Camps in Jaisalmer near Sam sand dunes will be a soft launch initially with 10 Swiss camps but by the end of September the resort will have 20 Swiss Camps along with 20 True Camping Tents. Company will announce the official launch thereafter. Jaisalmer and its sand dunes were the part of the main speech. It also included the star attraction of the resort with main focus on Jaisalmer Sam Sand Dunes. The scope created in market as major of the camps in Jaisalmer sand dunes are operated by unprofessional service provider provides company a golden opportunity to serve the guest with best of service and escalate to BEP soon.


The company was glad to mention its 12 years of long Journey and its growth story from a small cafe to a chain of hotels and resorts.  The high quality of service and being persistent in the delivery of the service as two main key behind the success of their brand.


The company also mentioned Savi Travels which has come to attain BEP in the fifth moth of its operation. The company also gave a hint of its expansion, specially in other cities of Rajasthan, particularly Jaisalmer being the first one.


Company has tied up with L&T Housing Finance Ltd for its expansion plan. The real fuel for growth still comes from Hotel Savi Regency. The Director ended his speech with a Thank Note to the entire team, clients and associate for their unconditional support in their prosperity.

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