Savi Camps Jaisalmer - New video revealed

Savi Camps Jaisalmer - New video revealed

Savi Camps Jaisalmer - New video revealed

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Savi Camps Jaisalmer

Savi Hotels and Resorts launched the new video of Savi Camps Jaisalmer recently before the SATTE New Delhi exhibition held on 29 January - 31 January 2016. The video is a slideshow of photographs with a brief of Jaisalmer attraction. The video tries to show you the resort and the facilities it provides. The camp has upgraded itself and now qualifies for a 3 star camping resort with lot many attractions to come in the coming years.

Savi Hotels and Resorts take pride in bringing the new resorts for its guests and clients and therefore launched this video to help them know more about the resort. The video is available on and you can also view them on the facebook page

New Video Revealed

New Photographs Revealed

Savi Camps new photographs and new video was revealed recently by Savi Hotels and Resorts on the inaugural of SATTE Exhibition Delhi.

Savi Camps Jaisalmer Road Signage

Savi Camps Jaisalmer signage

The overall view of the resort from the sports and activity area is attracting

Savi Camps Jaisalmer Resort

Savi Camps Jaisalmer Resort

The new amazing look of the resort in night is worth watching.

Night View of Savi Camps Jaisalmer

Night View of Savi Camps

Reception view of Savi Camps Jaisalmer

Reception View at Night

Restaurant Night View of Savi Camps Jaisalmer

Restaurant view at Night

For more pics kindly visit the hotel chain main website gallery

The group, Savi Hotels and Resorts had recently participated in Satte 2106 held at New Delhi and showed this pictures there. SATTE, New Delhi had proved to be a wonderful platform for our interaction with our Travel Associate and to create new Travel network.

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