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Rated among Best Business Budget Hotels in Jaipur

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Rated among the best business budget hotels in Jaipur.

[caption id="attachment_9" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Hotel Savi Regency, Jaipur Hotel Savi Regency, Jaipur[/caption] We are rated among top fivein Jaipur hotels under all category by on the basis of feedback given by the customers. Thus we can say we are among the best business budget hotels in Jaipur. We are now ranked Threeand have been growing and climbing ladders. Hotel Savi Regency has been favourite by many corporates like Alstom India, Schneider, JCB, etc. Even our international clients have preferred us for their repeat stay. This in itself justifies our service and quality of our product and clearly justifies our stand of being rated among the best business budget hotels in Jaipur. Even various bloggers and reviewers like photokhatha have rated us very good in service and hospitality. We have now become one of the best business budget hotels in Jaipur and in fact we are proud to be the best business hotel in Jaipur. We thanks all our guest for reviewing us and congratulate our dedicated team and associates who have helped us reach on the high standards. We are also in the process of climbing the ladder of ranking and will add more feedback very soon. [caption id="attachment_97" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Royal Room Luxury n comfort in your budget[/caption] We also have started taking review on social sites like Facebook, twitter, Google and other world famous review sites like tripadvisor, zomato ( for food review), times city food guide etc. We are preferred by 84% of the guest on tripadvisor and are on 79 position. The chairman of the hotel has asked its employees to carry on the performance and to strive to be the best hotel in Jaipur in almost all regards. Hotel Savi Regency is also proud to have completed its 10 years of service and hospitality with rising from one level to another and now being in the top 5 rank really makes us fell proud. Its great pleasure that we have been able to strive Rank 4 and be in the league of best business hotels in Jaipur. [caption id="attachment_102" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Hotel Savi Regency Hotel Savi Regency - best business hotel in the town[/caption] For more info onthe best budget and cheap economical hotels in Jaipur, orour rankings and ratings please visit To know more about us please visit our website www.saviregency.comor info on the group and its upcoming other hotel and resorts please visit You can also mail us at for more information....


Celebrating Ten Years of Service - Business Hotel in Jaipur

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Celebrating 10 years of Service and excellence, Growing from Cafe to a Business Hotel In Jaipur. Come and Be a part of our Celebrations

Hurray!! We have completed ten years of service and excellence. To mark our ten years in business we hereby celebrate with our associates, our guests and our communities and to show our appreciation for everyone who helped us get here. We started the business as Hang Around Cafe on 23 July 2003 and had grown and nurtured into a full fledge hotel despite odds and even in its journey. We are thankful to our customers, clients, vendors, associates, friends and lovers who have stand beneath us and have helped us to withstand all difficulties, competitions and rough times. We are proud to complete ten years and hope to grow with a greater pace in the coming years. We are now a full fledged business hotel in Jaipur which provides comfort in your budget. The best business, budget, economical and cheap hotel in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. "Ten years is an extraordinary achievement in the Restaurant and Hotel business, and we owe it all to our outstanding associates, our partnerships with our local communities, partners, and vendors, and our terrific guests, who keep coming back," said Vijay Kumar, Director and Founder. "We've learned a lot over the past decade, and our team is ready and inspired for the next ten years." From promotions and contests to menu specials, the 10th anniversary celebration have thanked guests for their support, recognized associates for their commitment to great hospitality, and infuse fun and excitement into Hotel Savi Regency, Jaipur [caption id="attachment_9" align="aligncenter" width="604"]Hotel Savi Regency, Jaipur Hotel Savi Regency, Jaipur[/caption] The carnival began 23rd July 2013. The main features of the carnival for guest and customers were
  • Launch of Roof top Buffet Restaurant: INFINITY

    The Launch is scheduled to be approx. around 5th October 2013 and will be marked by a mega party. The Roof top restaurant is half open and half covered with the guest giving view of jaipur city as well as Jaipur Metro running (view of the 90 degree turn of the Jaipur metro train at Gujjar ki Thadi). The restaurant will serve royal buffet along with lovely snacks to much on. The portion of terrace will also be available for parties. The restaurant will also have theme based light colours for the enhancement of the feel, atmosphere and overall looks.
  • Cash Back Offers

    Many winner were distributed cash back offers up to 50% cash back and on weekends it went up to 100% Cash Back. The offer ended 30th August 2013
  • Contest

    Register on our website On-line or fill up our Customer base form offline at our hotel and get listed for a chance to win 3 days and 2 night package anywhere in India and lots of other prizes. for details on prizes please check the terms and condition. THERE IS GIFT FOR EVERYONE Terms and Condition Apply
  • Discounts

    Discounts offered on weekly basis. e.g. Discount for first week - 20% flat discounts on food and beverages at Siya The Restaurant from 23rd July to 3rd August 2013. There will be many more offers and discounts announced time to time such as Free Deserts on billing of INR 1000 or more; Complimentary mocktails from Chef and more. keep watching the space for more discounts
  • Parties and Events

    Six events and parties were held for our fans and customers to entertain them and make them smile and we were glad and delighted in doing so. The first event was scheduled on 23rd July and the entry for same was reserved by passes. The second party was rain dance on roof top and was open for all where majority of the crowd have enjoyed. A mega party on friendship day was also included in the carnival. For details on coming events please check our events TAB on Facebook and Google plus page.
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